Lunch With Prithvi | Fine Dining in Cheltenham

I had the most exquisite dining experience at Prithvi, in Cheltenham and was privileged enough to be the host too. Find out why they're the best in their category, on TripAdvisor.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to do many of the things that I love and call it work. So, on November 2nd, I hosted the #LunchWithPrithvi event, which saw myself and 20-ish local bloggers try Prithvi's gorgeous new Autumn menu.

The restaurant, based in Cheltenham had been on my list for a few months, when the idea of a blogger event came up, I was delighted to be both a blogger on the guest list and the host.

I greeted all of the guests, whilst Jay - the owner - went into full restaurateur mode. You can tell that this is both his zone of genius and his passion. Guests (myself included) were made to feel welcome and well looked after, from the minute we walked in, to the minute we walked out.

The restaurant itself, situated on Bath Road and conveniently opposite a car park is small but perfect. It's intimate enough that I could interact with guests easily but nicely set out, so that you don't feel cramped.

Prithvi is fine dining like you've never experienced it before. Their dishes, although small, are cooked and crafted to perfection. Their flavour combinations are unmatched; this is Indian food, elevated.

Shortly after everyone had got seated and settled in, the waiting staff made their way around with amuse-bouches. The Chickpea and Tomato Panipuris were quite literally an explosion of flavour.

I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Sarah Frost and her lovely husband (whose name escapes me, I'm so sorry). They were telling me all about their recent trip to Patagonia (not jealous at all, promise). Sarah writes over at Cotswold Lifestyle

Okay, back to the food. The next three courses were out of this world. First up was the tandoor baked salmon with beetroot, cucumber and mango

Next up was Welsh lamb (cooked to perfection) with cous cous and legumes. I'm a fan of lamb and usually have it slow cooked. This was so tender, with a distinct melt-in-the-mouth quality. 

The final meat dish on the menu was a first for me. Venison with butternut squash and a ginger & cinnamon reduction. And yes - it tasted as gorgeous as it looks. I'm almost nervous that venison will never taste this good anywhere else. I'm certain it won't. 

The vegetarian menu was amazing too. Louise over at Pink Pear Bear shared her courses and they honestly look fab. 

I'll be honest now, I'm a savoury girl, rather than sweet but wow - dessert was gorgeous. The presentation was stunning. Look at those colours! 

It was passionfruit cream, mango gel, coriander and honey crumble. I do love a bit of crumble. I wasn't disappointed at all. On top was strawberry flavoured white chocolate. The combination of colours and textures on the plate were delightful. 

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll be back at Prithvi, in the future. This dining experience was fantastic. If you love fine dining, you absolutely must add them to your list.



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