Styling My Reiss Carrie Leather Leggings

Made a little investment, didn't I? So here's the little story behind my new leggings. More than my usual spend but worth every penny? I'd say so.

Seeing as the weather is getting warmer, this may be one of my last chances this year to wear all black during the daytime and not sweat to death.

You know I love a bardot top and this little black number is my favourite. I think I need to invest in a few more though, as they're becoming somewhat of a staple.

This amazing Topshop choker was a great sale find. For some crazy reason, they had an offer of five sale items for £5 on, this week. As far as I can smell (haha), it's genuine leather as well. 

Anyway, my cousin and I have been recording our podcast today. We released a couple of episodes last year and they were received quite well. Then we got so busy that it was near impossible to get together and record.

Well today, we got it off our chests. Can't wait to release them to the public. We'll be working on the website soon but our Twitter keeps everyone updated, you can follow here.

Now on to my leggings. Reiss held a sample sale in The Custard Factory and I gave in to peer pressure (thanks, Jen) and went along. Half an hour and a reassuring call with my mother later, I walked out with what are now my new favourite leggings.

If you know my style, you'll know that I adore a black leather legging. So, after a great few months with regards to work, I decided that a little treat wouldn't hurt. Well, it hurt a little but I got over it pretty quickly. They're SO soft, you guys. I'm reassured knowing that they're an investment piece and I'll get lots of good wear out of them.

Expect to see more of these on my blog and Instagram. You can shop the exact look below, with some more budget-friendly alternatives included too. You know there's no way I'd have paid full price for those leggings!

Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you soon! 

Lots of love, 



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