A Day At Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat | Review

As far as spa days go, this has been my best experience by far.

Moddershall Oaks is a gorgeous place. The whole experience was amazing, start to finish. A few of us were there for my friend's hen party. We arrived at 9am and were greeted by the staff who were very friendly, and sat down, to wait for the rest of the party. We were one of two parties there for the day but it didn't feel crowded at all. Our paths barely crossed.

The staff quickly got us organised; we were given itineraries for when our treatments were and menus to choose what we wanted for lunch. After that, we were led down to the changing rooms. I obsessively took photos of the decor because it's so beautifully decorated.

My only goal that day was to chill out. I took a book and found my way to the relaxation room. I need one of these, when I build my dream house. It was so fabulous. At the beginning of the day, they took card details from each of us, so that we could accumulate a tab during the day. I've been on spa days before and never experienced that. It's amazing though because who wants to carry cash around a spa? Not me.

I ordered myself a caramel latte and settled myself down for a couple of hours. The only thing that annoyed me was a group of ladies speaking at full volume, when they knew full well that people were in there to relax.

We need to talk about the food. It was exquisite. For my starter, I had purple sprouting broccoli with a poached and grain mustard hollandaise. That would make a great breakfast - I may start adding that to my Saturday menu. 

My main was bacon and mushroom gnocchi with parmesan cream. So filling! If I hadn't had a starter, I wouldn't have struggled to finish it. It was quite rich but I'd definitely consider ordering it again. 

Included in our package was one treatment each. I opted for a facial, as I'd never had one before. It lasted for 30 minutes and I had a little snooze during that time. My skin looked incredible afterwards - I definitely plan to book more facials in future.

The lovely lady who did my facial gave me a brochure with all of the products that she had used, just in case I wanted to buy them.

Post-lunch, (and another snooze), I had another hour or so to chill. Hello, free prosecco. The staff were attentive and helpful. I am definitely planning to go back at some point this year. I've been on a handful of spa days but this was by far my favourite.

Have you been to Moddershall Oaks? The next time I go, I'm going to explore the woodland. I think there's a bicycle trail and a gym to check out but I was feeling lazy. I felt refreshed afterwards, so the day certainly did the trick. 

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