25 Random Facts About Me | BEDM

It's been a while since I did a 'facts about me' sort of post, so I thought this would be a good idea for a little catch up. 

1. I was born on Groundhog Day - which means absolutely nothing in England but it is the name of a pretty popular film. I for one would love to wake up in the same day over and over, because I'd always wake up to cards and presents. 

2. I love many many genres of music but most people won't know that I love country music. My grandparents used to play it and I think that's where it started. 

3. The last concert I went to was Duran Duran (with Seal as their special guest and The Bloom Twins as their support act) at the O2 Arena, last December. 

From my shoot with Yasmin Qureshi
4. I wanted to be a teacher, up until the age of about 18, when I realised that I didn't enjoy teaching very much. I used to make lesson plans and teach my teddies. 

5. My first ever job was in Clintons. 

6. I like candles but rarely burn them in my own room because I'm afraid of fire. 

7. Random jobs that I'd like to have a go at for a day: DJ, being Rachel Riley from Countdown, speaking clock, jazz singer and a model. 

8. I hate jelly. 

9. My favourite cocktail is an Espresso Martini. 

10. My first celebrity crush was Michael Flatley.

11. I love love love to dance and everyone who knows me even vaguely will nod in agreement. 

12. I want Jamie Cullum to play at my wedding reception. 

13. I'm hopeless at most sports but I quite like being active - once I manage to override my default setting of sloth. 

14. I still haven't finished my first novel. 

15. One of my big dreams is to write a drama that gets made into a two part series and aired on ITV! 

16. I want three children. 

17. I wish I was a morning person. 

18. I'm on the worship team at church, so I guess that means I can sing a little.

19. I used to suffer with health anxiety. 

This gorgeous pic is from Christmas Eve 2015 | Photo credit: Chrissy Ralphs, The Lovely Photographers

20. I got my first tattoo done in October 2014 and there are about another four that I have planned. 

21. I drove to London for the first time this year and felt like an absolute boss because of it. Considering that the first time I drove on the motorway, my 40 minute journey took almost 3 hours! Progress people, progress. 

22. I started blogging in 2011 but wish I had started a lot sooner. 

23. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. 

24. I speak moderate French but would love to be fluent one day. 

25. I wish I was a minimalist but it's just not in my nature. 

I want to get to know you! Tell me a random fact about yourself. I don't care how weird it is!

 Lots of love, 

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