Wednesday Wish List | 25th Birthday Edition

It's almost my birthday, so I thought it would be fun to create a wish list. I haven't done one of these for such a long time.

Blogger Planner

I am so obsessed with organisation that my heart leapt, when I saw this. I've seen a couple of other bloggers use it and I've decided that I need it in my life. This year, I am giving Inside Melly's Mind so much more attention - as a blog and channel. This is going to be perfect to help me along.

Photo used with permission

The Art of Being Unreasonable

I have a huge stack of fiction piling up but more than ever, I am keen to learn from people who have done amazing things in business. This one was recommended by Myleik Teele. She has an amazing book collection, so I tend to note down the books that she mentions.

Image source: Amazon

Lean In

Another book that has been recommended to me several times, so I figured it was time to actually read it. Sheryl Sandberg is an incredible businesswoman, so I'm excited to read some of her wisdom.

Image source: Amazon

Honeycomb Wooden Wall Clock

For over one year now, I've had a plain wall behind my desk that is just crying out for something to liven it up. This is so pretty and totally matches my Honey Bee branding.

Image source: Etsy 

Honey Bee Charm Necklace
My little collection of bee jewellery is growing and this so super cute. I love the market feel of Etsy. It's great to support small businesses.

Image source: Etsy 

That isn't everything but to be honest, I like a much simpler birthday these days. I'm also headed to the Blognix Retreat at the end of the month and that was my gift from my folks. I'm just looking forward to birthday brunches, cocktails and dinners. Quality time is where it's at.

Much love, 




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