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A look at the recent new additions to my wardrobe...
Ever since I went full pelt at Honey Bee Copywriting, I put myself on a little bit of a spending ban. I wasn't crazy with it and if there was an occasion such as a wedding to shop for, I'd treat myself (within reason). But cutting down on shopping has taught me how to appreciate what I already own and that I don't need things - it's usually a case of want.

Anyway, over the past couple of weeks, some newness has made its way into my wardrobe. Gone are the days of mindlessly online shopping. That was okay during my Uni days but now so much now.

As a tenant of The Custard Factory, I found myself with access to the ASOS Sample Sale. Firstly, I'm a big fan of ASOS. Secondly, an ASOS sale for a great cause (the ASOS Foundation) was enough to win me over.

Sadly, it turned out that I couldn't make the sale because I had a meeting with a new client (yay) and decided to be a grown-up and put my business first. Side bar: the meeting was a success.

Three days later, I received an email to say that there was a flash sale. Yippee! You won't believe what I managed to pick up. Look!

I looked under one of the (quite bare) rails and saw it on the floor. I was unsure at first because it's an XS but it actually fit. Miracle!

Oh and the shoes were an absolute bargain from Tesco. (Yes, the sticker is still on the bottom). (No, I didn't leave the house like that). They're a great alternative, if you're not into strappy open toe sandals. I wore them last week and they're so comfy. The heel isn't outrageously high either.

Once I actually wear the playsuit to an occasion of some sort, you'll see it in all its glory. For £1, I am SO impressed. It's RRP is £50 and as a fan of Motel, this was an absolute steal!

That's me for now! Excuse the grainy I-took-these-in-my-lounge photos but I haven't had time to do a  proper shoot and I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about my bargains!

I'll be back soon with more rambling and goings-on from my world.

Lots of love,




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