A Spot of Rebranding

Making some subtle changes around Inside Melly's Mind...
My job lately has involved a lot of branding and digital strategy. It's becoming a real passion of mine.

Honey Bee Copywriting has started to evolve. I love copywriting but I tend to be taking a look at entire digital strategies now and how one aspect influences or effects another. 

Anyway, I realised that I had been putting off tidying up my branding for Inside Melly's Mind. There were no definite colours and nothing to establish me. 

Last year, I attended the brilliant Blognix conference. There was a session all about branding which I absolutely loved but it's taken me well over 12 months to actually sit down and decide what colours should represent the blog. I think I was stuck because I adore my blog header (designed by the brilliant Jaymie O'Callaghan, by the way). I wasn't sure which colours from that design to use. 

So, what did you do?

I sat down today and used a website that shows you the exact colours from an image that you upload, to pick out the hex codes for an image that you upload. 
In this instance, I uploaded my blog header. It's illustrated, so it generated a lot of different colours but I managed to pick eight different colours that I was happy with.

What next?

I went to the part of Blogger that allows you to change your template and began to make subtle changes. So far, it's just my design that has changed. I also added the bubblegum pink shade to my Twitter. Now, anything that I may design in relation to the blog will feature my new colours. 

Inadvertently, I've ended up plucking out my three favourite colours. You can see it on my home page and each post now, but just in case, here's the palette...

So, what next? 

Next up, I think that I really need to hone in on what my blog is about. I know that it's a lifestyle blog  but what does that mean to me personally? I love humour, a splash of honesty and talking about what's going on in my world; it would be great have maybe a tagline or a couple of words to sum up what this little corner of the internet is all about.

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you! If people love it, I'll be talking about branding a little more. Let me know! 

Much love,




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