#BEDM | What Is Your Blog All About?

So...for the second year running, I am going to attempt to Blog Every Day in May. Only, I missed the first day. Oops. But here's the first post...

Inside Melly’s Mind is all about well, whatever’s on my mind at the time.

It ranges from what I’m wearing to what I’ve been up to at the moment. I’ve been kto have a rant or two on here, which I think is healthy. I am so determined to blog more this year. It’s spaaaaaaaarse in terms of content, compared to what it could be.

I really admire bloggers who have the time to produce amazing content every single day because I am not one of them. Granted, some of them have the time because it’s more or less their job. Good for them. But there are also bloggers like me who work full time and have other commitments. Before I know it, the time I had planned to spend on my blog has been spent elsewhere.

The reason I named my blog ‘Inside Melly’s Mind’ is because I didn’t want to write about anything specific. I’m too interested in lots of different things to commit to that.  

Also, my amazing blog header was designed by the insanely talented and super lovely Jaymie O’Callaghan.

Whatever I decide to post on here, I do hope that you find something that you enjoy.





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