Yes Moments

Yes Moments are those tiny moments when life has complete clarity, meaning or certainty. Yes Moments can be life-changing or life-affirming. Yes Moments are about celebrating the little daily victories. Yes Moments are about recognising just how far you've come. Tell us what Yes Moments mean to you.

This one is a toughie. I think sometimes, we don't take enough time to stop and recognise our 'yes moments'. So a post like this is ideal.

As I've mentioned, I started a shiny new job in October. It's presented me with challenges and amazing opportunities and the feeling of being overwhlemed by all the goodness hasn't gone away yet. I hope it never does. Anyway, although I've only been there for six weeks, I have had my fair share of 'yes' moments already. Let's hope it's the first few of many.

Getting the job

It doesn't sound like a big deal. People get jobs all the time, right? Yes, they do. But this is my moment. Getting into an agency in Marketing isn't the easiest thing to do.

Successfully presenting my research on Pinterest to the rest of the team

Yes, I get to research and talk about Pinterest as part of my job. Yes, I love every second of it. Public speaking, no matter how big or small the audience is, isn't ever easy. It went well. Can I do better next time? Of course but if you have no room for improvement, you may as well retire now because you've made it.
The 'was-that-really-a-yes-moment-yes,-I-think-it-was' face. 

Speaking on the phone to a client

This was the one 'yes' moment that I wasn't sure was ever going to come. I don't have a client-facing role as such, so I'm not required to speak to them on the phone regularly. However, there was one phone call I could not avoid. My problem isn't speaking on the phone. My problem is speaking on the phone in an office full of people. I feel the tops of my ears go red (I don't blush on my cheeks. Weird, I know). I stutter a little bit. My mind goes blank. It's so embarrassing. I am chatty and confident on a regular day.
But on this occasion, even though it was on a bad line, I managed to get my way through it. YES! Praise from my manager helped too. Practise makes perfect. Bring on the next phone call.

Saying 'no' to the biscuit tin

You may laugh but I am serious. Working in an office (especially one as well-stocked as ours) means that the biscuit tin is never far away. The temptation to reach my hand into that tin every time it's brought round is almost too much. So, I've had to go as far as writing a post-it to remind me not to eat as many. Don't get me wrong, I do eat a lot of fruit but I've been consuming more biscuits than is necessary. I am by no means paranoid about my weight but I am aware of the threat of chubbiness that lurks, if I don't stay active. I noticed it as soon as I had my second 'office job' , working at the Students' Union. Not sure why the weight didn't creep on during my first office role. Thank God for squats! I literally do them at every opportunity possible - waiting for food at lunch, reading an article, waiting for the kettle to boil. I aim for about 50 a day.

Starting French lessons

This one isn't directly connected to work. I have wanted to take up French lessons for a while now. I took French at GCSE level and kind of regret not carrying it on to A Level. I got a grade B at school and I absolutely love the language. I still remembered bits and pieces and enough to get by, when I went to Paris last year. That was all the encouragement I needed to pick it back up again. I had been looking at college course but that was never going to work. Then I had a 'eureka' moment and decided to look for a tutor. I did some Googling around and found a tutor who works quite close to where I'm based for work. Yay! I've only had two lessons so far but I love it. It's all good saying you're going to do something but how often do we just file the thought away for 'someday'? Why not make someday happen a little sooner? The sense of achievement is immense. I think I'm just a little bit addicted to learning and studying, which is absolutely fine by me.

So, that's it for the 'yes' moments, of recent times. To be honest, since October 15th 2013, everyday has felt like one big 'yes' moment. And don't worry if you are facing some challenges, your Yes Moment is coming. Nobody is fab or on top of the world or the time (if you are, you should probably speak to someone, that's not normal) and it's stopping to recognise the 'yes' moments that make the sad face moments worth it. If you're just feeling kind of average, maybe change your outlook. It's amazing how a change in attitude can make you approach things differently.

I'd love to hear your 'yes' moments

Lots of love,



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