Melly's Musings | Life Update: New Job

Just when I thought I had received my fair share of exciting life events this year, things changed....
It's been a funny old year. I think the important bits and pieces are pretty much on here but work-wise, it's been especially up and down.

At the start of the year, I was working in the Marketing department of an online jewellery retailer. It was my first graduate job, one month after I finished my course and all was good. The pay was decent, it was full time and close to home. It gave me the opportunity to use all my freshly acquired skills and my work (for a time, anyway) was fulfilling. The experience was invaluable but I knew it was just a stepping stone. By December, I had passed my probationary period and had managed to adjust to the many changes that occurred to my job role.

By about February, to be blunt, I was miserable. Was it because I was bad at my job? No. Was it the place? Not exactly. Brierley Hill isn't the most inspiring of places but it wasn't bad enough to bring me to tears. The truth was, I was completely dissatisfied - that and other reasons.

I am a big believer in happiness. If you say you're not bothered about your happiness and well-being, you've lost perspective. I realised one day that I spent far too much time at work to feel this sad. So, I began to plot my way out. One night, I got so desperate that I prayed and asked God to get me out (because I didn't think just quitting was wise. Bills, and a social life and all that jazz). I kid you not, the very next day, my job ended. I was called in and they said 'Today's your last day. You've done a great job but your role is no longer required.' It took all the self-control I had not to get up and dance. What an answer to prayer.

Fast forward a few hours and I had already began to put my freelance plans into motion. I had actually already written them down and stored them away. (Make plans, people. Make plans. You never know when you may need them. But do them in your own time, not work time).
Earl Grey, anyone?
The next six months were challenging and exciting, in equal measures. In fact, as I'm writing this, I think it may be a good idea to write a separate post on how I survived freelance (it's wild out there). So I'll just summarize it in this post. It was one of the scariest things I've ever had to do but I didn't force it - it happened to me. Did I ask for it? Yes. Did I feel prepared? About 50%. The rest was just learning as I went along and it was great.

By the end of September, I had come to a bit of a crossroads. Freelance hadn't been the next step for me, in my plans - looks like someone else had other ideas. I had always wanted to go into an agency because I desperately wanted that experience of the environment. Having your own clients is completely different to how things work in an agency. In my head it was going to be: in house > agency > freelance.
The way it actually happened was in house > freelance > agency. And I wouldn't change a stroke.

My new job came very much out of the blue and from thoughts that only myself and God knew. Thoughts that went a little something like...

'How am I going to pay for Christmas?' 
'Freelance is great but I really need more experience.' 
'Can I go on holiday with what I'm earning? Not without more experience.'
'I'm only going back into the full time work environment if it's going to be amazing.'

One day, I was at home, I'd just got back from a meeting. Loose Women was on the TV and I was cooking pasta. I noticed a missed call from a number I didn't recognise. Then the landline rang. It was a recruitment consultant. I hadn't had great experiences with recruitment consultants during the months previous, so was only half-listening. (Sorry, Jamie). I had heard about so many roles and turned them down because I didn't think they were worth it. But as soon as I heard the word 'agency', my ears pricked up.

Next thing I know, I'm in a meeting with these guys. The building was absolutely amazing. The company is based in a converted Gothic church. But the interview itself left me feeling a little deflated. The questions were tough and I feel like I waffled on and on. I had been to another interview, not far away earlier that week. I remember thinking, 'If the first job I was interviewed for was in the other building, that would be a dream come true.' Fast forward a couple of days and I had a call back to say the agency wanted to meet me.

Two weeks later, I'm sitting at my desk, at my shiny new job. Wanna know what's really cool? The interview went 100 times better than I thought. In fact, I didn't even get the job they wanted to meet me about - they gave me a different one. I couldn't believe the feedback they gave to me. I was overwhelmed.

I was made to feel so welcome. After a few days, I didn't even feel new anymore. The team that I'm in really embodies the absolute definition of working together towards a common goal and being fair to everyone. I wake up in the morning and actually want to go to work. I enjoy the work I do, even though some of it is new to me and it's a challenge. The environment is fast-paced but I thrive on that. The days go faster. I don't have my lunch at 2.30pm to make the afternoon feel shorter anymore. And the best part? I don't live with the acute fear that I'm doing something wrong or my work isn't good enough. The managers treat the staff like assets.

The only analogy I can think of is being in a great relationship, after a terrible one. You need to get your confidence back. You have to build your trust all over again. When I receive good feedback or encouragement, I find it difficult to believe because I got so used to not hearing much of that. I appreciate good leadership and now I'm surrounded by it in my work place. All I feel in my heart is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Always be grateful. Even in my sad moments earlier in the year, I chose to see things that I could be thankful for.

Here's a wee glimpse into my work space...

Beauty Corner: the essentials for staying gorgeous, throughout the day

Under my desk: where flat shoes come to die, apparently

Oh look! It's Christmas at Fazeley Studios 

Our reception area makes me want to skip through it

Did I mention the food...?

It's far too good. Those chips are the best I've ever had

So...I think that's us up to date. I hope you're encouraged. If you're in your dream job, stick at it and do your best. Enjoy it. If you hate your job, dream big but still do your best. It may take some time but things can change, if you want them to.

Lots of love, 


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