Let's Have a Catch Up | Part One: Bek's Hen Party

Hello there! Grab a cuppa, I think it's about time we got up to date. It's been waaaaay too long...

The only way to do this that makes any kind of sense is a month by month break down. So...

June was a fab month for me. Seeing as this is a highlights post, the highlight of June for me was my best friend's hen party. As Maid of Honour (MOH), it was my job to organise the whole thing. Eekk, pressure! 

Before panic took over completely, myself and Chrissy (a fellow bridesmaid), helped me to get the ball rolling. We did some Googling around and stumbled across an amazing company called Chillisauce. After filling in an initial enquiry form, I was contacted and preparations were under way. 

To cut a long story short, we chose Chester for two days. We arrived on Friday afternoon, checked into the Holiday Inn Express and headed into the town to do a treasure hunt. I was hesitant about that because it didn't sound like a big deal but it was so much fun. They sent us the packs and clues etc. and we had a blast. 

Chester is SO pretty. There are a lot of high street stores set in buildings with original features. Their high street has a Zara. It's stunning. So, the treasure hunt was a great idea. Otherwise, we would have ended up spending the afternoon in Starbucks. (Actually, we did manage to get a quick lunch trip to Starbucks in). 

Friday evening, we had a gorgeous dinner at Carluccio's. I love Italian food. And it was right in the middle of the town, so only a short walk from our hotel. That's the great thing about Chester - everything we needed was in walking distance. 
Following dinner, some of us wanted to dance and some wanted to go back to the hotel. So, with no work the next morning, the would-be dancers went for a boogie. We headed to a place called Cruise - which it took me about a day to figure out was fashioned like a cruise ship. Each floor was playing different music. We ditched the ground floor which was playing acoustic. We lasted about 30 seconds on the floor that was playing dubstep and in true hen party style, we found our way to the top floor which played nothing but 90's pop. YES! There's nothing better than boogying the night away with your girls. 

Saturday was a day of relaxation. I organised for us to spend a few hours at the spa. Yay. The package we got was absolutely fab. We had a choice of one 30 minute treatment each and then full use of the facilities - which included the pool, steam room, gym, sauna etc. It was amazing. And just what I needed. 

Last stop: Cheshire Oaks. If you haven't been to Cheshire Oaks, it's a designer outlet. Obviously, there are restaurants and stuff too. It's very quaint. Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. Next time I go, I'm taking a list! 

And so, that's it folks. Bek had a fantastic time. We also played games and stuff, in the bit of time that we had free. It was just silly things like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and quizzes but it was great fun. 

So all in all, it was a success. I can cross that off my Melly in 2013 list. Which you should check out, if you haven't already. 

What's a hen party without a sash or two?
Life is better with ice cream. Fact.
Walking into the town 
Girls on the way to dinner 

Apologies but it's the obligatory iPhone in the toilet selfies

And again
Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare at Carluccio's. So so good
So much love for these ladies. L-R: Laura, Bek, me, Chrissy and Louise. Bride and her bridesmaids 
BFB (Best Friend Bride) and MOH (Maid of Honour)
Top: Primark | Skirt: H&M | Watch: Marc Jacobs
Refueling at Ed's Diner

These gorgeous Dolcis Bow TrimWedge Sandals were c/o of Barratts. I wore them from about 8pm until 2am and walked the length of Chester town in them without much trouble. Thank you, guys!
And that's it, folks! We had an absolutely gorgeous time in Chester. There were no photos of the spa because I looked like a hot mess after the steam room and nobody needed to see me in my frizzy-haired-makeup less state.

Thank you to my brilliant friend Chrissy for being a tremendous co-planner. And also Lisa and Louise who I borrowed a couple of photos from for this post. 

Lots of love, 


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