Wednesday Wish List: Birthday Edition

The birthday edition of the Wednesday Wish List. 
It's my birthday soon. Like, really soon. I'm so excited that I could scream. I haven't done a Wednesday Wish List for so long, so decided my birthday would be a great one for the first WWL of 2013.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a hint to my family and friends. This is merely what I plan to buy with my birthday money. I usually end up spending it on purchases that I don't really want but I end up getting spur of the moment.  So if anything, it's acting as a guide. 

1. Nails Inc. BLING IT ON Tan Leather & Skulls
I'm a nail art obsessive, Nails inc. being my all time favourite, so when I saw this, I almost exploded. According to the description, 'applies glossy but will dry down into a chic leather look texture'. I cannot wait to try this. 

2. New Look Leopard Backpack 
I've wanted a backpack for the longest time. My obsession with leopard print has never really ceased either. I'll be teaming with denim, red lips, disco pants and hi tops. This is perfect for days when I'm not feeling particularly ladylike and don't want to haul a handbag around with me. It'll be so much better for my posture too. 

3. Red Fiat 500 Key Cover 
It's practical and boring but my current key cover is black and I want it to match my car. 

4. Secret Smile - Nicci French 
Nicci French is actually two people. A husband and wife team and I cannot wait to read this. It was a two part ITV drama serial in 2005. I recently watched it again and I stupidly didn't realise that it began as a book. David Tennant was in the TV adaptation. Need I say more?

5. ASOS Leather Trousers 
Literally every pay day, I say I'm going to invest in leather trousers. Do I ever? No. I think it's about time. I imagine they're the sort of item that I'll want to wear with everything. I have a faux leather skirt which I adore. So for trousers, I'm getting the real deal. 

6. Girls Season 1 DVD 
Everyone in my office is raving about Girls and I haven't seen a single episode. From the sounds of things, I'm going to love it. So, as soon as I have a spare day (which is never), I'm getting the snacks in, putting on my onesie and seeing what all the fuss is about. 

No doubt, I'll deviate from this list a little bit but hey, such is life. I can't believe I'm almost 22. 

Much love,

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