Wednesday Wish List #5: Berry

I haven't done a Wednesday Wish List for a while but I thought this one should acknowledge a colour trend that is refusing to budge. This week, I'm going wild for all things berry.

I am a huge fan of red lipstick, but for autumn/winter, I'd love to try something a little different. I think that this Burgundy shade is suitably dramatic, don't you?
I love a nice bit of knit. Who doesn't? The ombre trend is looking gorgeous on this New Look jumper.
I'll be wearing with: shorts, woolly tights and Chelsea ankle boots.
I would love a faux fur for the cold days and nights. I absolutely love the colour of this. I wasn't sure if it counted as a berry colour but the website actually says 'berry'. Can't argue with Miss Selfridge, can we? I don't think I'm keen on the leather effect belt but it's snug and lovely to touch - yes, I've tried it on!
I'm a sucker for a beautiful nail polish and this one is no exception. I think I'll be painting it on the tips, over a nice nude shade.
Pinafores are a gorgeous way of being a little bit girly. I haven't owned a pinafore dress for years, so this would be a great addition to my wardrobe. The cheeky llama print on this is a nice quirky detail too.
I'll be wearing with: a black long-sleeved sheer blouse, tights and gold accessories.
I think I would team these with grey or nude colours, to balance out the colour and fabric.
I'll be wearing with: loose-fitting knitwear and sheer blouses.

And last but by no means least, here's my Designer Darling...

Miu Miu


Generally, I'm a shoe girl but this bag has stolen my heart. If only I could justify spending such a huge chunk of my wages on this. The colour on Net-A-Porter says Merlot - which is a wine. Now, I know that wine is made from grapes technically aren't berries but who cares when the bag is this much of a stunner.
So, will you be rocking any berry this autumn/winter?


  1. Oh god. I now want everything on this list :| x

  2. I'm exactly the same. Can basically wave my wages goodbye! x

  3. I've been loving wearing a berry lip lately :)
    I just found your site through the blog hop!

  4. Me too. It's such an easy colour to wear. Thanks for being my 12th follower. Melly xx

  5. I LOVE the jumper!! I love berries for fall as well :) I just found you through Ashley Elizabeth's blog hop :) xx

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely be checking yours out. I'm addicted to the colour and it's so easy to wear :) xx


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