A Letter to my Fresher Self

Hey guys! This post was inspired by a great post that I read over on Elizabeth East's blog Dainty Ballerina. She wrote a letter to her fresher self, from 2009. It was such a fab idea that I felt inspired to write my own.

I began my undergraduate studies in 2009 too, so it was great to think that although it had only been 3 years, Elizabeth had a lot to say to that previous version of herself. I started my MA this September and if I had the chance, there are some things I would definitely do differently. So, here's my letter to my former self.

Dear Melly,

As if you're at uni. How fab. Perry Barr may look awful (it mostly is) but give it a chance. Your campus is lovely and full of nice people.
Baker Building, City North Campus
City North Campus is so pretty in autumn 

You won't regret not going to any of the Freshers events. They're very messy and none of the people that you end up making friends with went either - you're not missing out. Going out and getting drunk isn't your thing and that's completely okay. You may feel like you want to do it now but you know you won't enjoy it, so stick to what you like.

Don't be afraid to tell people you're a Christian. People are much more accepting, at University and the people who don't agree will at least be respectful enough to listen. There will be students on your course who need your encouragement and will admire your belief, so do not shrink back. One day, people who you thought hadn't noticed definitely noticed.

You know the ideas you have for novels? Keep them safe. You're going to need them for your final project. You don't need to think about it too much for now but believe me, it will all be vital for your third year. I won't ruin it by saying much more.

I know that you work but you save a little bit of money. It will come in handy, when you realise for sure how expensive it is to be an adult.

Get as much work experience in areas of interest as you possibly can. Every single thing you do will be useful for the next job.

You know they say first year doesn't count? That's a lie. Well, a half-lie. It doesn't count towards your degree but you still have to pass it. Also, when you get a deferral, make sure the information is passed on to your lecturers. Work as hard in first year as you intend to in third - it will stand you in good stead.

Spend more time in the library and start your assignments early. Read more of those boring literature books and by final year, you'll feel as brainy as everyone else. Oh and go to those tutorials that they set up. They really are quite useful. Don't be afraid of feedback, it will help you.

And that's another point, there will be a lot of people who are good at making themselves sound clever. Don't believe the hype. Learn as much as you can, do your best and don't worry about anyone else.

Leave the house earlier to get the bus. There is nothing more awkward than walking into lectures late, especially with some lecturers in particular.

The times you spend sitting in Starbucks will be when you have your best ideas. You're a stereotype, in that sense. Own it. You'll miss those moments, when you have less free time.

Latte, laptop and literature = bliss

You may not meet the love of your life, during your Uni days. There are a couple of close calls - enjoy those (one is particularly lovely) but don't worry about it. You discover a lot about yourself and believe me, that is precious. When Mr Right does happen along, you'll be a beautiful young woman who is going after her dreams and has already achieved some. You'll be thankful that you didn't settle, believe me.

Oh and you know that blog you want to start? DO IT. Do it now. You may not know exactly how you want it to look etc. but the sooner you start writing, the better. Don't worry about who's reading it, just start because you're good at writing and are passionate about something.

You're going to go far. Trust God - His plans are so exciting. It may be difficult at times but you'll make it and it will be awesome! Promise.

I don't want to spoil it, but you'll be very happy, by the end. Do your best work and be good to people. Dream big - this is the very tip of the iceberg. 

Love you lots, 

Celebrating the hard work, at Grad Ball


  1. This is such a brilliant post idea. You've inspired me to write one to myself once I've graduated.

    You looked gorgeous in your Grad Ball dress btw. :) x

  2. Thank you.

    I look forward to reading yours. If I hadn't done English, I'd have done a Media degree.

    And thank you - I love an excuse to get glammed up :) xx

  3. This is so good Melissa (or Melly, not sure which you prefer to be called lol). So many of the things you said rang true for me aswell that I hadn't thought of so I love it :) And I love the way you talk about not wanting to spoil the end but just know it's going to be great! And agree with Amanda, you look gorgeous in your picture :) xxx

    1. Thank you, Bethy/Beth/Elizabeth (not sure what you prefer either). Really appreciate that. I had so much fun writing it and you inspired me - so thanks again! :) xx

  4. Awh loved this! xo


  5. Great post!



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