Nails of the Day: Red and Pink Leopard

Today's nail of the day is all about bright colours and leopard print.

Leopard print happens to be a favourite of mine. I'm a big fan of nail art and despite it looking quite complex, leopard is actually a surprisingly easy pattern to do.


Step 1 (top left) - apply two coats of your base colour
Step 2 (bottom left) - paint on splodges of your second colour. They don't have to be neat.
Step 3 - go around the splodges, using the tip of a black nail art pen*, to create the leopard's 'spots'. The trick is to make a broken 'c' shape. And also put the odd black dot or two for authenticity.
Ta-da! Your leopard print nails are complete! For some other nail inspiration, check out my Tumblr, where there are a lot more photos of nail art I've done in the past.
* Tip: if you don't have a nail art pen, dip the end of a bobby pin into some black nail polish, in the meantime.
I absolutely adore the red and pink together. They clash but it's so eye catching. I had a lot of compliments about the pattern, so thought I may as well do a tutorial for you guys. Hope you've enjoyed it. Let me know if you have a go for yourself!
Much love,


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