Wednesday Wish List #1: What To Wear To The Gym

Welcome to my brand new feature: Wednesday WishList. Every week, I'll compile a list of items that I would LOVE to purchase if: I were infinitely rich/I could shop every single week and still pay my bills/I had room for all the things I wanted to buy.

Most of these features will be what's on the high street - mostly because that's where I shop. I'm also hoping that making a wish list will curb my craving to go shopping.

Also going to include a money-is-no-object designer item.

Okay, so I've been shopping for gym gear this week and decided I wasn't going to splash out just yet, in case my gym venture totally fails. Although I've heard it's addictive. Let's hope so, eh?

But...when I'm a hardcore gym-goer, I'd love to up my look.

Superdry Gym Pant
At the moment, I'm sporting pairs from New Look and H&M

Anybody else considered rocking a gilet at the gym? Surely you'd just sweat to death? I may wear one when I'm walking back to the car, after a workout in the winter. Love the colour of this Superdry gilet.

 Apparently, this Reebok hoody makes your muscles work harder. Well, I'm game for that

 LOVE the shape of this swimsuit from Speedo

The Designer Darling...

-These hi tops from ChloƩ are gorgeous. If I owned them though, I'm not sure they'd make it to the gym.

Channeling Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

I guess that my obsession with 80's films is threatening to take over my wardrobe. But if it motivates me, that can't be a bad thing, can it? 
Charcoal (Grey) Tie Front T-Shirt | 248549503 | New Look
This is from my actual gym wardrobe. Got it for a tidy £5 from New Look, in the sale.

Does anybody plan their look for the gym or when they exercise, or do you throw on whatever is comfiest? I tried not to get too carried away with spending a fortune on what I'm going to wear because the membership itself is the main thing.

Much love,

Melly xoxo

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