About Melly

An actual polaroid, can you believe that?

Who's Melly?

Melly is Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence - a freelance copywriter and blogger.

What's inside her mind?

Anything to do with beauty, fashion, music, writing, interior design or the five combined. There's much more but you'll soon discover it. 

What does she do for a living?

I've had more job titles than I care to remember. From Copywriter to Marketing Copywriter to Search Coordinator and I'm certain I've missed some out. I can write stuff that will make Google and your target audience love your website and online presence.
I'm generally a blossoming business babe and creative girl.

If you need a freelance copywriter in Birmingham, I may just be your girl. 

What does she do in her spare time?

I write. I shop. I eat and drink. I love to laugh.
I love my church and I belong to a great one.
My perfect Saturday involves a lie-in!

Actually, I seem to constantly have a head full of ideas, so switching off isn't easy. I'm the queen of the to-do lists.

Do you have any big dreams?
Plenty. I hope to make money doing all of the things I love (I'm already doing it a little). And I dream of helping other people to make their dreams come true.

Describe your style. 

I love boldly patterned trousers and knitwear.
I love shoes...very much!
Red lipstick = instant glam.

I wear whatever makes me feel fabulous.

Any hidden talents?

I'm a secret barista. So if an espresso-based beverage is your heart's desire, I'm your girl.

Anything else we should know?

I love Minstrels and Wensleydale cheese. I drive a pretty little red Fiat 500 called Florence Rouge.

Oh, and when the beat drops, I'm usually the first to shake my tail feather.

All photography is my own, unless otherwise stated - where a link or credit will be included. 
Opinions are my own and do not represent the views of my employers or clients.

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